This is the personal blog of Robert Smith. It will cover topics including:

  • Pens & Pencils
  • Paper & Notebooks
  • Stationery Accessories
  • Photography
  • Audio Equipment
  • Bags, Coats & Lifestyle

My day job is working as a Research Manager for a well known premium device company (that happens to be based in a small town called Malmesbury, England). I spend my days working on developing new products, understanding the science & engineering challenges around the products and leading a team to solve any issues that arrive. I specialise in R&D strategy, claims substantiation, method development and robust experimental design at my current company. Prior to this I have worked on in-depth liquid & powder processing, clinical imaging methodology and product formulation.

In my spare time I love cooking and eating food, going for walks with my Wife & Labrador, raquet sports, listening to music and reading books. I also love stationary especially fountain pens, ink & paper. When I was young and on family holidays in France I used to goto the supermarkets and buy the staple bound exercise books, I could never figure out why the paper was so much nicer than the stuff I used in England until I remembered recently that it was all made by Clairefontaine. Since my first good pen (a Parker Sonnet) I have expanded my collection, but I only keep pens if I use them. I also treat my pens with limited respect, I believe that they are tools (some are very expensive tools) not items to look at so I base a lot of my opinions on how well they stand up to a bit of battering.

This site has no direct sponsors, I will happily review anything that someone sends me but I will always ensure that the opinions given are my own and not influenced by getting something to test, or attempting to appease others. Contact me if you want me to take a look at anything.

You can find me on some social outlets. My twitter handle is @rsmith85, my Instagram is @robsmith85, I am on the Pen Addict Slack (@rsmith85) and on Facebook on the Pen Addicts Worldwide group + the Fountain Pens UK group. My email is robert @, I am still figuring out how to setup a SMTP server, so for now there is no contact form.