One of the best parts of the Pen & stationery community is the sheer volume of high quality blogs available to read and digest. This page will link to some of my favourite ones, any that I have linked to and yours if you contact me via Twitter or Instagram.

United Inkdom

  • United Inkdom: A great British blog, different from most as it pulls together collaborative reviews to get a range of opinions on an item before summarising the outcomes. I help out here when I can.
    • Pens! Paper! Pencils!: Ian Hedley has a superb blog including some of his sketches. He covers a wide range of topics and his prose flows off the page beautifully.
    • The Pen & Inkwell: Whilst this link takes you to Ruth Hanson's website, most of the amazing stuff she does is on YouTube. I love the detail in these video reviews.
    • Too Many Pens: How can you ever have too many pens? 'Scribble' does seem to have a lot. Look here for some beautifully handwritten reviews. 'Scribble' also looks for the perfect purple.
    • Informal Scribble: Stuart Hazley writes some excellent critical reviews, he spots small details and builds up a very comprehensive picture of the item in question.

Links of the Week

  • Pen Habit: Matt Armstrong has a scale of smoothness for fountain pens that I really like to use, but it is the back stories and colourful prose that keep me reading every post he does.
  • Gourmet Pens: Great reviews, especially the ink reviews. Azizah Asgarali takes some really nice photos, often does review videos and the depth and quality is an inspiration.
  • The Pelikan's Perch: If you want to know about Pelikan pens, inks etc. this is the place to go. Joshua Danley really knows his stuff!
  • Alt. Haven: Junee Lim is based in Singapore and looks at a lovely range of inks and fountain pens. The ink samples and comparissons in his review are a very handy way of comparing to something you may already have.