There hasn't been much happening on this blog recently and I have a few excuses. First of all I moved (left to right) to the Cotswolds:

New House

Then I renovated the bathroom in our new place with the help of my lovely wife.

New Bathroom

Then our baby arrived in mid October and since then I have barely been able to sit down and think.

New Baby

Hopefully though things are beginning to resemble normality again, or as close to it as I am likely to get in the foreseable future, therefore some content should appear soon on the blog. I am busy reviewing:

  • TWSBI Eco: A cheap and cheerful piston filler, finally a TWSBI that hasn't broken on me.
  • The Atoma Classic & Leather Notebooks: Amazing value for the classic with pretty good paper, the leather makes it more robust but I don't particularly like cream paper.
  • Pelikan Pura: Great little pen from Pelikan, not as robust as I was expecting and not sure about the converter but the nib is just a gem and it feels excellent in hand.
  • Inks, inks & a few more inks. I kind of went a bit crazy trying to find some inks for my new pens, not sure I have found the one but I have got some pretty nice ones.
  • Newton Sumpter, Edison Menlo, Twiss Cigar: Some of the best pen makers I am aware of, luckily I got my Newton & Edison before the pound crashed
  • Platinum 3776 with a SF Nib: Ian Hedley has been raving about these pens, I got the classic black and gold one and whilst small it is rather nice.

So apart from the brief one liners there should be plenty on the way. I have written a fair few of these and now need to put them onto the computer, others just need the images. Lots to do and looking forward to getting these out into the wild, so stay tuned.