Twelve new colours have been produced and released by Diamine in their very popular Shimmer line and they kindly sent through four of them to me for review. I am not much of a sparkly ink user as I alluded to in my last review of Caroube de Chypre by J. Herbin but it's Christmas time and this seems like a perfect excuse to crack them open.


On the table for review today are four of the colours in the range:

  • Lilac Satin
  • Inferno Orange
  • Caramel Sparkle
  • Firestorm Red

To put these inks to the test I rounded up some of my Lamy pens with a lovely thick 1.9mm stub, a medium and a fine nib to see how well the sparkles come through. Individual notes can be found on the following images, but overall I really like these inks. The sparkles appear much smaller than in the J. Herbin ink and this leaves the ink with more of a sheen or 'shimmer' than a sparkle which I really like. Out of the four inks the Lilac Satin and Inferno Orange appealed to me the most as the colours were really punchy and the sparkles enhanced this further.


Feathering and bleed was well controlled for me, I have read elsewhere that this can be a problem especially on cheap paper, but on Rhodia and the random printer paper I had lying around there was only a small amount of feather on the Firestorm Red and bleed only on the Orange when I smeared it on directly from the converter.

The shading possible with these inks was quite impressive, probably due to the relatively low saturation. I would love to see some deeper colours with sparkle, but this may well hide the Shimmer. The only shade I didn't get on with was the Firestorm Red, a bit light and a bit orange for me (I love reds and I love oranges, just not orange reds) but don't let that put you off if you are looking for a red.


Make sure you pick a pen that can put up with a good shake without spewing ink everywhere as shaking the pen before use is recommended (as is shaking the bottle before filling). The particles seemed to come out during cleaning just fine but I probably wouldn't put this in anything too expensive unless it can be stripped down for a good clean.


Diamine have done a stellar job with these, I wouldn't use them day to day but this year all our Christmas cards were written using one of these inks for an extra sparkle.





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Where to buy:

Diamine inks are available widely in the U.K. You can buy these direct from Diamine or from one of the great online retailers in the U.K. See my post for recommendations on where to shop.