Some people carry a bag all the time containing their essential items and every day when I go to work I also do so. Having a bag allows me to carry a good selection of pens, pencils, paper and electronic gadgets and accessories with me to take advantage of all the situations I find myself in.

At almost all other times I leave it at home, it just is too much faff to carry a bag around unless I know I will need something. But that doesn't mean I like to be unprepared. What you see in the photo above is what I have with me all the time, my 'Every Second Carry'. These are my essentials that are either in my pockets or on my wrist. The only thing that is likely to change any time soon is a potential upgrade for my Kaweco pens, I love the look of the brass ones.

Every Second Carry Items

The items I deem essential are as follows (from top left across and then down):

  • My Wallet: This contains cards and sometimes notes. If more places accepted Apple Pay in the UK & they upped the limit per transaction this may get retired, but this is unlikely to happen any time soon. I got this one hand made for me back in 2013 by BroLeatherWorks on Etsy and I like it because it is very thin and small. It is made out of a really thick leather which has softened and moulded to the contents over the last 3 years, it used to have an elastic cord holding it shut but this broke and due to carrying it every day it no longer needed it to stay closed.
  • My iPhone 6: This acts as my phone, web browser, email, camera & more whilst I am out and about. Almost essential in this day and age, it was particularly useful when I was last in London as it helped me find and navigate to the pen shop where I got my Visconti Moonlight.
  • Kaweco Pen Case: For a while I carried my two Kaweco pens around loose in my pocket and whilst they are built well, surviving with only a few scratches, I now carry them in this lovely snug leather case. It is considerably more comfortable in my pocket and looks great.
  • ValeP & Rhodia Notebook: I reviewed this beautiful custom leather notebook cover a week back. It contains a 120 x 75mm Rhodia Classic Stapled Notebook, superb paper for both fountain pens and ball points.
  • Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen: This one is a limited edition brown pen with a gold colour nib in a medium point. This pen writes excellently, takes a battering and doesn't splatter ink into the cap even when roughly handled.
  • Morveau Watch: I got this as part of Kickstarter project and it turned out to probably be the best project I have ever backed. It looks amazing, survives plenty of knocks and the straps are cleverly designed with a pin mechanism that makes changing them quick and easy without the need for tools. It currently has a brown leather strap attached with contrast blue stitching.
  • Kaweco Ball Point: Sometimes you need to scribble on really bad paper, or write something very quickly. So I have this little stub pen. It isn't very comfortable for extended writing but is fantastic for quick notes and doesn't take up much room. I need to change this to a black ink soon.
  • Keys: I have a car key and a house key, the car key stays in my main pocket and my house key in my money pocket.

All the links above should take you to either the respective manufacturer or a place to buy them online.

What never leaves your pockets? Let me know on Twitter (@rsmith85)...