J. Herbin was an enterprising young sailor from France who lived during the 17th century. The 1670 edition inks by the J. Herbin brand have been created to celebrate his life; a range of sparkly inks containing fine mica (glitter) particles to add a little shine to everyday writing.

Ink in TWSBI Eco

The latest of these inks is called 'Caroube de Chypre' & was kindly supplied for review by Pure Pens. It will be released for sale in mid July. Caroube de Chypre translated means 'Cyprus Carob', the ink representing the colour of the carob pod.

Writing Sample

I don't normally use inks which contain shiny particles so this was a good opportunity to test one out. I loaded the ink into my trusty TWSBI Eco as this has a nice broad stub nib and a demonstrator barrel to show the juice sloshing around. The colour is a dark/medium brown with a good saturation and a slight red tint. Straight on the ink looks a bit plain, a nice hue but nothing to write home about, but as soon as you look at the page from a shallower angle it comes alive. The golden particles reflect the sunlight and really set off the brown undertones.

Filled Pen

Consistency of sparkle has been a bit hit and miss, sometimes the letters gleam and at other times it seems there is no shimmer at all. Over time I have noticed that the particles separate out, I left my pen on its side for a week and there was some definite sedimentation. A quick shake sorted most of it out but you should probably use this ink in a pen that can be shaken without making a mess everywhere.

Ink Blot

The ink appears to be very well-behaved on paper (tested on Rhodia). There is some slight feathering but it is well-controlled in general, show-through is minimal and there has been no bleed despite using a wet broad stub. Dry time is medium to slow, but perfectly acceptable. The ink shows a very limited amount of shading, but if the ink did shade it may well have reduced the impact of the particles. It is nicely saturated, giving a deep colour on the page.

Overall this ink is pretty fun to use, it is easy to write with causing no skipping or hard starts. Without the particles of glitter it is pretty plain but this makes it even better when they reflect the light. I have really enjoyed using this ink and would love to try some of the other colour options in this range. I doubt I will use it much as it isn't great for note taking due to the slower dry time but for personal correspondence it would add something special. Make sure you don't let it sit around for too long though, otherwise you may find it a bit tricky to clean and remember to shake the bottle before filling.

Pen and Feed

Where to buy:

When this is released in mid July it will be available widely, but check out my post on where I buy my stationery supplies. Pure Pens supplied this sample for review and they are one of my preferred stores.