All change this week as I received a new pen in the post and wanted to spend some quality time with a review pen to make sure I truly found out how it performs.

Left: Parker Duofold Platinum Trim, 18k Gold medium nib. When I bought this pen I thought I had ordered a Duofold Senior, the description listed the senior dimensions but then this arrived. Whilst slightly disappointed with the size it actually ended up being a lovely pen in the hand and has a buttery smooth nib. Great for long writing sessions. Currently filled with Noodlers Bulletproof Black.

Centre: Dex Smooth Soft, steel medium nib. I published my review of this today. A good nib at a great price. Currently filled with Diamine Woodland Green.

Right: Diplomat Aero Brown, steel fine nib. New to the stable this week, I bought it after finding it at a very acceptable price, loving the looks and reading some great reviews. This brown version is stunning and writes impeccably. Review will be coming soon on this. Currently filled with a Mont Blanc Oyster Grey cartridge.