Brown inks seem to be having a bit of a comeback in popularity recently and they serve as a great alternative to black or blue ink. I always found them a bit boring and this one should be the same, but for some reason I really like this ink.

As with other Private Reserve inks it is highly saturated which makes this only a hair away from being confused with black inks, but it is an important hair and what makes this ink appealing to me. It is a really nice shade that matches it's namesake perfectly, somewhere between Dairy Milk & a G&B dark chocolate. It works brilliantly in a finer nib with plenty of lubrication to result in a smooth writing experience. It is penned as a quick dry ink & I agree with the name never having smudged the ink in my haste to turn a page or write elsewhere on the sheet. It doesn't feather on good paper, leaving nice crisp lines and pairs excellently with a extra white page. There is almost no shading on the ink, but for the way I envision using this one I don't think that is a problem at all. I have noticed no gumming up of my nib and it always starts up first time even when uncapped for a very long time.

If I was to recommend a good brown ink for everyday note taking then this would actually be pretty high on my list due to the nice lubrication and quick drying crisp lines. As with other highly saturated inks the caveat is that you may wish to wash through your pens a bit more than normal to keep them in good working order.

Thanks to The Writing Desk for supplying this sample for review. The Writing Desk have always been one of my recommended suppliers for pens and they do a great range of interesting ink brands including J Herbin inks, Private Reserve (like this) & Organics Studio who appear to be new on the scene. What is even better is their ink sample service, which allows you to buy 2.5ml of their entire range of inks so you can try before you splash out on an entire bottle.