Blue inks are a bit hit and miss for me, anything that reminds me of the blue inks that I used at school instantly get rejected but a great blue with plenty of pop can usually be found in my rotation.

It took a while for this sample to make it through into a daily writer but I am glad it did. The colour is deep, highly saturated and quite dark but without becoming a generic blue-black. It is well behaved on paper with limited to no feathering on any paper I tried it with (except cheap copy paper) and it dries in a reasonable length of time. With broader nibs you can get some nice shading and spreading the ink out a bit reveals some great depth of character. Flow was nice & wet with but without gushing and it gave a good smooth writing experience.

Overall this ink is pretty great & I am in no rush to finish this ink and wash it out from my pen. It adds a bit of interest to what could be a pretty dull colour, great for everyday at the office when you don't want to stand out too much.

Thanks to The Writing Desk for supplying this sample for review. The Writing Desk have always been one of my recommended suppliers for pens and they do a great range of interesting ink brands including J Herbin inks, Private Reserve (like this) & Organics Studio who appear to be new on the scene. What is even better is their ink sample service, which allows you to buy 2.5ml of their entire range of inks so you can try before you splash out on an entire bottle.