I love green, and find myself with a rather wide collection of green pens and inks so I was excited to try Private Reserve Spearmint and see how it compares to my go to inks like Diamine Umber. I popped this one straight into my Parker Duofold and started writing.

This is yet another very highly saturated ink and the colour is a very dark true green. It looks lovely on the page with a surprising amount of shading even with a bog standard medium nib, especially between the start and end of a down stroke. Unfortunately I had a few problems with this ink that didn't get any better after I had washed out my pen and refilled it. It tended to feather more than expected, even on great paper, and clogged up my pen slightly leaving a lot of residue on the nib and feed leading eventually to a skippy writing experience. Dry time was also on the long side, but this is pretty normal I find with green inks.

I really love the shade of this ink and if you have the time to wait for it to dry and the patience to wash your pens out more frequently then it may work for you but for me it just isn't reliable enough. It did however clean out of my pen relatively easily.

Thanks to The Writing Desk for supplying this sample for review. The Writing Desk have always been one of my recommended suppliers for pens and they do a great range of interesting ink brands including J Herbin inks, Private Reserve (like this) & Organics Studio who appear to be new on the scene. What is even better is their ink sample service, which allows you to buy 2.5ml of their entire range of inks so you can try before you splash out on an entire bottle.