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OHTO Pencils

I primarily use fountain pens for my day to day writing and drawing at work, but sometimes I need to pick up a pencil to make some sketches or demonstrate a point. I have a range of pencils, from standard wooden ones to a series of mechanical pencils and clutch pencils. My Worther Shorty pencil is...

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Visconti Millennium Arc Moonlight - Green Acrylic

Sometimes I wonder why I decide to visit a website or a shop. I was in London for a business meeting and thought that if I finished early I would take a walk through the streets and maybe look in a few stores. Tessa Sowry at All Things Stationary keeps a map of stationery shops across the globe,...

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Finding a Better Bottle

Diamine ink is great. The range of colours is amazing and they generally have very few flaws, behaving nicely in most pens with minimal bleed and relatively fast dry times. They also do a range of 'Deep Dark' inks for Cult Pens in the UK, more on these in the future.

Beyond the great colours...

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"Italian pen maker Visconti is the king of this type of artistic attribution. Their pens are usually gorgeous, well-made writing instruments built from spectacular materials. They often write beautifully. But the marketing copy about the design inspiration seems only tenuously connected to the physical object." Matt Armstrong, The Pen Habit

With a paragraph as beautifully constructed as this, Matt has hit the nail on the head about Visconti. When I read their marketing stories I actually find myself disliking the brand. Luckily for Visconti their pens are generally stunning and generally write better than expected, so I will possibly be adding something like the Saturno Blue Titan to my collection in the not so distant future.

Read Matt's post about the Visconti Saturno Blue Titan Here.

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