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Fosfor Bangalore

I didn't think that I had an inner hipster, but recently I have been hunting for small artisan companies that hand make fountain pens and either ordering interesting pens from them or going the completely custom route. My interest in the bigger name brands such as Pelikan or OMAS has wained and ins...

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Kate W. has posted a great piece on her blog Pendora's Box about her first month blogging. This post was one of the major inspirations for me starting my blog up, it was excellent to read about her experiences and the high points (I would love a link and mention by Brad & Myke). I highly recommend looking at all the other posts on the website, I lost quite a bit of time reading the blog and am very glad I did.


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Franklin Christoph Model 20

Franklin Christoph was founded in 1901 producing ceramic products, it was not until 2001 when they changed direction to become a designer and manufacturer of fine writing instruments such as the one featured here today.

Whilst other pen companies have innovated with different materials and colou...

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"I think people get carried away by the idea that if it looks great, it is great." Martin Johnson

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Parker Sonnet

As my first stationery related blog post on Dot-Cross-Dot I wanted to review my first decent fountain pen and now by far my longest owned pen. I received this Matt Black Parker Sonnet as a 16th birthday present in 2001 from my Dad's best friends Alan & Anita.

I spent my childhood looking at my...

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