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Diamine Shimmer Inks 2016

Twelve new colours have been produced and released by Diamine in their very popular Shimmer line and they kindly sent through four of them to me for review. I am not much of a sparkly ink user as I alluded to in my last review of Caroube de Chypre by J. Herbin but it's Christmas time and this seems...

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Twiss Pens Green Lizard Fountain Pen

From the simple Lamy Safari through to a beautifully crafted Twiss pen like the one I am reviewing today, the majority of both modern and vintage pens are made out plastics or more generally polymers. Polymers are typically defined as a large molecule comprised of many repeated subunits, and you ca...

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7th May: Lookout Saturday

All change this week as I received a new pen in the post and wanted to spend some quality time with a review pen to make sure I truly found out how it performs.

Left: Parker Duofold Platinum Trim, 18k Gold medium nib. When I bought this pen I thought I had ordered a Duofold Senior, the descriptio...

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This week I take a look at Blue Inks around the blogosphere, Blue is one of my favourite colours for fountain pens but it needs to be a bit special or all I can think about is school blue:

"It isn’t so flashy that it looks out of place in a corporate environment but not so sombre that it lacks character. Overall, Hieronymus Blue 01 is an interesting colour." Junee Lim at Alt. Haven takes a look at Hieronymus Blue 01

"There has often been controversy over whether or not this formulation actually contains any iron gall. Online ink forums are rife with threads about this topic. If you look at bottles from the past you will see declarations that include permanent and/or ferro-gallic. While today’s packaging omits such phrases, Pelikan’s own published literature does indeed confirm the presence of at least a small amount of iron gall in their Blue-Black ink." Joshua Danley at The Pelikan's Perch takes a look at Pelikan 4001 Blue-Black

"YESSSS finally an ink that is a great match for Private Reserve DC Supershow Blue - a stellar blue with a magnificent red sheen!" Azizah Asgarali at Gourmet Pens takes a look at Diamine Blue Velvet

A good selection, the Hieronymus Blue 01 looks a lot like my Sailor Blue-Black ink which is a good thing. The shading on the Blue Velvet is just gorgeous so I may have to invest. Thanks for the excellent reviews.

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Visconti Millennium Arc Moonlight - Green Acrylic

Sometimes I wonder why I decide to visit a website or a shop. I was in London for a business meeting and thought that if I finished early I would take a walk through the streets and maybe look in a few stores. Tessa Sowry at All Things Stationary keeps a map of stationery shops across the globe,...

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