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Edison Collier - Persimmon Swirl

Near the town of Rothbury in Northumberland, England there is a country house called Cragside which was the countryside residence of Lord Armstrong, an industrialist from Newcastle upon Tyne. The most interesting part of the properties history from my perspective is that it was the location of the...

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30th April: Lookout Saturday

This weeks tools of the trade are:

  • Visconti Millennium Arc Moonlight - Green Acrylic
    • Fine 'Smartouch chromium tubular nib'
    • Diamine Delamere Green Ink
  • Sailor Professional Gear Imperial Black
    • Fine 21K gold nib
    • Sailor Jentle Blue-Black Ink
  • Edison Collier Persimmon Swirl
    • Medium steel E...

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