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ensso Piuma Brass

The pen came neatly packaged in a matte black card stock box, a foam inner protecting the shiny brass cigar shaped pen. The box had the ‘ensso’ logo printed in gold foil but not much else, minimal and relatively recyclable which is a plus in my opinion as I usually lob them straight in the bin...

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Platinum #3776 Fountain Pen Review: Black & Gold Trim

There are some pens within the fountain pen community that seem to come up time and time again as recommendations for a great pen. For an 'entry level' gold nibbled fountain pen the Platinum #3776 is one of those pens, so how does this pen stack up?

The #3776 I am reviewing is the 'standard' v...

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First Look: Twiss Pens Conway Stewart 'Red Whirl' Perfecto Cigar

One of my two main purchases from the 'Bristol' south west pen show this year, I have not had it long enough to review yet, but it is pretty special.

Made from a Conway Stewart acrylic it feels great in hand and looks even better. No sharp edges, beautifully finished and furnished with a rhuthe...

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Tactile Turn Gist

It seems that the best way to launch a new pen these days is via Kickstarter, with plenty of pundits queueing up to pledge money to try something new. I try to avoid them until reviews come in & most of the time until they actually ship but with this one I couldn't resist a punt.

The pen is ava...

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TWSBI Eco Black

My first TWSBI was the Diamond 530 piston filler. I loved this pen, its steel nib was nice and smooth for a fine and the faceted barrel captured the light beautifully. I used the pen frequently for a year (my collection was smaller then) getting through many refills of ink until one day it develope...

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