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This week I take a look at Blue Inks around the blogosphere, Blue is one of my favourite colours for fountain pens but it needs to be a bit special or all I can think about is school blue:

"It isn’t so flashy that it looks out of place in a corporate environment but not so sombre that it lacks character. Overall, Hieronymus Blue 01 is an interesting colour." Junee Lim at Alt. Haven takes a look at Hieronymus Blue 01

"There has often been controversy over whether or not this formulation actually contains any iron gall. Online ink forums are rife with threads about this topic. If you look at bottles from the past you will see declarations that include permanent and/or ferro-gallic. While today’s packaging omits such phrases, Pelikan’s own published literature does indeed confirm the presence of at least a small amount of iron gall in their Blue-Black ink." Joshua Danley at The Pelikan's Perch takes a look at Pelikan 4001 Blue-Black

"YESSSS finally an ink that is a great match for Private Reserve DC Supershow Blue - a stellar blue with a magnificent red sheen!" Azizah Asgarali at Gourmet Pens takes a look at Diamine Blue Velvet

A good selection, the Hieronymus Blue 01 looks a lot like my Sailor Blue-Black ink which is a good thing. The shading on the Blue Velvet is just gorgeous so I may have to invest. Thanks for the excellent reviews.

"Italian pen maker Visconti is the king of this type of artistic attribution. Their pens are usually gorgeous, well-made writing instruments built from spectacular materials. They often write beautifully. But the marketing copy about the design inspiration seems only tenuously connected to the physical object." Matt Armstrong, The Pen Habit

With a paragraph as beautifully constructed as this, Matt has hit the nail on the head about Visconti. When I read their marketing stories I actually find myself disliking the brand. Luckily for Visconti their pens are generally stunning and generally write better than expected, so I will possibly be adding something like the Saturno Blue Titan to my collection in the not so distant future.

Read Matt's post about the Visconti Saturno Blue Titan Here.

Kate W. has posted a great piece on her blog Pendora's Box about her first month blogging. This post was one of the major inspirations for me starting my blog up, it was excellent to read about her experiences and the high points (I would love a link and mention by Brad & Myke). I highly recommend looking at all the other posts on the website, I lost quite a bit of time reading the blog and am very glad I did.


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